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Leadership Skills for Managers in Project Management

Every business organization’s success depends on the strength of its leadership. The more project manager skills a company’s leaders have, the greater its success. For project managers, the greater their skill set, the more valuable they are to employers.

Strong project managers adjust their decisiveness level to each situation. Other decisions require careful consideration and consensus among stakeholders.  Along with decisiveness, successful project managers typically have steady dispositions, good listening skills and a knack for motivating others. Excellent communication, conflict-resolution, negotiation and organization abilities are all project manager skills valued highly by employers.

Project managers must have creativity, vision and energy, too. They usually need to keep several balls in the air at once while building consensus and keeping their project teams happy. It’s clear that a skilled project manager is a well-rounded leader.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to help participants to have a thorough understanding of the following:

· Control is a key function of management
· How supervision is different from other types of control in management
· Supervision as a mentoring and coaching tool
· Performance standards and technical guides
· How to make practical and relevant tools for supervision
· Supervisory role importance for project manager
· Continuous learning and quality improvement

Topics Covered:

· Introduction to control function of management
· Planning for supervisory role of a project manager 
· Tools for supervision in a project management context
· Relating supervision to mentoring, coaching and development
· Project Goal and Objectives
· Designing tools for supervision
· Communication skills for supervision
· Constructive Feedback use in supervision
· Active listening and its importance in supervision
· The cause and effect approach for fact finding
· The level of autonomy for supervisees
· The art of delegation
· Relating performance to goals
· Utilization of Results in Project Planning
· Continuous quality improvement using monitoring

Qualified Project Manager

To become a qualified project manager in our association, members have to pass our certification exam. Our high-quality exams are designed to ensure maximum value to the members and the hospitality industry.

The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered. All test questions are designed to test the candidate's mastery of various competencies derived from key areas of knowledge in combination with skills practiced. The key areas of testing are:

· Control function of management
· Supervisory role of a project manager
· Tools for supervision
· Relating supervision to mentoring, coaching and development
· Communication skills for supervision
· Constructive feedback use in supervision
· He level of autonomy for supervisees
· Utilization of results in project planning
· Continuous quality improvement using monitoring

Tuition Fee: AUD$650

Examination Fee: AUD$650

Certificate Sample