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Leadership Skills for Supervisors in Hospitality Industry

In today's business, the supervisor is the "main link" between the company's goals and the people who must accomplish those goals. They communicate upper management's objectives and goals to the people who must somehow accomplish them. They facilitate the process that keeps the business operating. Because of the functions of supervisors and the major role they play, it is obvious that good supervisors are the key to the success of any organization.  In hospitality industry, many of the supervisor's daily decisions affect profits, attitudes and morale. With a role and a function of this magnitude, it would seem logical that the process of becoming a supervisor would require years of training. However, most supervisors in the hospitality industry have had little or no training in supervisory skills. Almost universally, today's supervisory force is made up of employees who have been promoted from being a "super worker" to being a supervisor. As a supervisor, effective supervisory skills are essential in maintaining a positive environment at work. Supervising employees in the hospitality industry requires a broad skill set. A great supervisor needs 'hard' skills to improve systems and 'soft' skills' to effectively coach and improve people. In order to succeed in a high performance workplace, a great supervisor needs to develop both these skills to help maintain and lead a winning team.    

Course Objectives:

· Develop interpersonal skills that help communicate, listen and handle conflicts in the supervisory role in hospitality industry

· Become more effective at influencing others
·  Accomplish goals and control outcomes when dealing with staff, peers, management and other departments
· Learn how to work with groups and teams to solve problems and accomplish projects
· Hold hospitality related performance discussions that result in changed behavior and enhanced productivity
· Analyze one’s own style of behavior and recognize his/her strengths/weaknesses while working in the hospitality industry

Topics Covered:

· How to empower yourself and your staff as a hospitality supervisor

· What leadership is from the hospitality supervisor’s point of view
· How to build credibility and trust
· Analyzing effective listening processes and skills
· Learning participative leader skills and techniques
· The three steps of the continuous performance appraisal process
· Coaching, mentoring and how to give constructive feedback
· Decision-making tools for effective leadership
· How to apply problem solving techniques to solve actual problems
· Teams vs. work groups: learning to lead and build personal effectiveness in hospitality industry

Qualified Hospitality Supervisor

To become a qualified hospitality supervisor in our association, members have to pass our certification exam.  Our high-quality exams are designed to ensure maximum value to the members and the hospitality industry.

The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that must be answered. All test questions are designed to test the candidate's mastery of various competencies derived from key areas of knowledge in combination with skills practiced. The key areas of testing are:

· Supervision
· Leadership
· Time Management
· Effective Communication
· Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
· Orientation and Training
· Motivation and Team Building
· Staffing and Scheduling
· Improving Employee Performance

Tuition Fee: AUD$550
Examination Fee: AUD$450

Certificate Sample